Interior Designer KL

Meridian Interior Design Sdn Bhd

Meridian Interior Design Sdn Bhd the best choice if you want interior design experts in Malaysia. Meridian Interior Design Sdn Bhd has over 10 years of total experience as well as highly-qualified employees. Blaine Robert Design is another interior design company located in Malaysia. Both focus on smart commercial space as well as luxury residential areas. Find out more about these businesses as well as their interior design services. They’ll amaze you with their capabilities.

AJM Interiors

AJM Interiors is an established practice within Malaysia that has twenty years of expertise in the field of interior design. They provide a broad portfolio that includes projects for Mid Valley City, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Mid Valley City. OMERs Group is an affiliated firm that was established in 2009. They have won numerous interior design awards. Their experience includes spatial planning, interior design and design for residential and commercial properties in addition to engineering and architecture.

Interior designers working in AJM Interiors have a unique set of skills. They provide every aspect, starting with consultation, and submitting to the appropriate authorities. They can also help with the choice and oversight of contractors, as for the completion and submission of project documents. Based at Kuala Lumpur, the firm has completed numerous successfully-designed projects in this sector. This AJM Interiors team is well-experienced and offers a broad portfolio.

The staff at AJM Interiors includes experienced designers with a passion for luxury design. The group specializes in conversion of houses into residences that can be dream homes. They design 3D and 2D sketches and coordinate with an array of electrical and mechanical experts. Their track record is unmatched for customer satisfaction. In addition, they’ve received various prizes. One Roof Design is another KL-based design and interiors firm. This firm is a specialist for commercial and residential designing and planning.

AJM Interiors’ clients can select from a variety of unique packages for their preferences in design for their interiors. AJM Interiors offers affordable services and top quality finishes. They also have a team of experts in the field of retail fitting-out and exhibition design. Their projects are made with only the highest-quality furniture and different materials. They are also able to give affordable solutions that can use for multiple tasks. They are able to finish projects on time and within budget.

Global Metrics

Metrics Global, a design and construction firm , able to provide interior fitting-outs and exquisite designs for all kinds of houses, is your one-stop shop. Metrics Global offers a broad range designs and options for construction with 3D modelling, to allow each client to design their own project. KL, Metrics Global’s interior designer, has a vast understanding in the areas of office fit-outs and retail space along with residential properties.

Anyone who are interested in joining Metrics Global Sdn Bhd as an Interior Designer must create certain documents that are essential and submit their applications as soon as it is possible. Deadline for applying is 2022. Additionally, the company offers Interior Designers other opportunities in diverse areas. If you’re interested in the job, read on to learn more about the qualifications for the post. Metrics Global Interior Designer KL is seeking an experienced designer who has enthusiasm for innovative thinking and interior design.

BOLDNDOT Interior Design is Metrics Global’s residential interior design company. The company has worked on a variety of residential interior design projects in Malaysia with a variety of styles as well as design. It has worked with several retail stores within Malaysia, including Ambient Living and Brown Bag. Metrics Global Interior Designer KL provides a complete solution to every kind of interior design.

Metrics Global is another interior design KL firm that has more than 20 years of knowledge. Its reputation as an interior design KL business has grown the result of its superior workmanship and competitive prices. The firm’s services are provided by skilled interior designers who create the very best of an area and provide complete client satisfaction. A skilled interior designer is the best choice as they’re able to finish the job quickly.

One Space Design Group

With over 10 years of knowledge, One Space Design Group offers a full-service interior design firm in KL focused on innovative solutions. They can assist you in any need for design starting from the initial concept through to completion. Their portfolio encompasses commercial, residential, as well as hospitality designs and showcases their wide range of aesthetic and design expertise. Explore the following article to find out the more information about One Space Design Group.

Viyest Interior Design is known for its low prices and excellent workmanship. It’s been working in the Kuala Lumpur area for 10 years and has served a wide clientele from various sectors. The firm will ensure that disruption is minimal and will take preventive measures to protect against any harm. The team of interior designers is focused on creating spaces which are stunning. The service they provide is high-end and offers price and satisfaction of the customer.

IQI Concept is a design company based in KL with a focus on residential and commercial turnkey solutions. They offer interior design and architecture services. In addition, they offer turnkey solutions, allowing clients to design their perfect home and office. A team of committed specialists, Ind’finity is a trusted name in KL and all over. They are known for their outstanding quality and visionary designs. The company’s goal is to design commercial spaces and homes that meet the requirements of clients.

DMZ Group – This company is committed to the achievement of its goals as an entrepreneur. They have been among Asia’s top 10 design businesses in 2009. The products they offer are from all over the world. Grov Design Studio: This studio designs primitive interiors that provide a distinctive and practical. They can also provide guidance on lighting design. These designers have been active for over 10 years. Their team of designers has received numerous prizes.


Ind’finity Design is a firm which provides high-quality services in design of interiors, from commercial premises to residential rooms. Interior design and interior services include everything from conceptual and schematic sketches to detailed documents of design. It also offers cost management along with supervision and evaluation. The business is backed by an interior designer team with a vast range of commercial and residential projects. InD’finity is famous for its original and premium design.

Ind’finity Interior Design’s design team Ind’finity Interior Design work with different design ideas and methods to provide your apartment with a fresh and comfortable look. Ind’finity Interior Design employs more than 40 talented employees and has worked on various overseas projects. They’re able to design some of the most complex design strategies. You can count on them to meet all of your needs in the field of interior design, including planning, to managing projects. Their range of services is diverse as well as extensive.

Nu Infinity is a company that is focused on innovative strategies, passion and professionalism. The team of skilled architects and interior designers are focused on providing the most cutting-edge effective, and economical house remodeling solutions. Their capacity to accommodate contemporary design demands, such as making the most of space while adding modern aspects, is an evidence of their knowledge. Nu Infinity also practices corporate social responsibility. It’s an additional benefit. Nu Infinity believes that design should improve the quality of life for people.

Ind’finity offers a turnkey service provider for residential and commercial buildings. The interior designers at Ind’finity are proficient in creating offices, studios and showrooms. Designers are involved in each step of the process and the result is an award-winning design. They are outstanding for their professionalism and dedication to the task. They’re capable of incorporating your personal style into the most basic of spaces. The time has come to enhance the look of your room with gorgeous design.