Fairview International School – The best private school in Kuala Lumpur

The international schools are believed to be to be the top private schools in Kuala Lumpur. The international schools in the city are of international standard and provide a wide range of curriculum. These schools are regulated through Kuala Lumpur’s government. Kuala Lumpur government so that you are assured that they’ll be doing what’s appropriate. What exactly does it mean that you have a good private school? There are several steps you can take to ensure your child has the most effective education. First, make sure the school is certified. This is vital since the Private Education Department (part of the Ministry of Education) is well-known for being extremely exact about these schools.

There are many international schools in KL that follow the international standard of education. Finding the ideal school for your child can be challenging, but it’s definitely worth it. There are three renowned international school options: AIS, AGS, and IB. AIS is the most prestigious school with high academic standards, while the British International School has the most advanced standards in English language instruction. And if you’re looking for an American college, AIS is highly recommended.

The AMS was established in 1951. It has an extensive list of international certifications. One of those accreditations is ISA. It boasts a teaching staff with 80% of them being at least Australian and English. The AIS is among the top in the world at this level, with over 40 percent of A Level students consistently earning three A*-A grades. The school is also a pioneer in IB programs , and also has one of the largest international student populations of any Klang private schools.

The British International School in KL is another international school. It opened in 2009 and has since grown fast. The school now houses over 1000 students. It’s an excellent alternative for families in the Klang Valley. It is a top-quality school and is located close to 3 important highways. The MKS schools is the ideal choice for your child There’s no doubt of that. However, don’t forget to search for a quality school before making your ultimate decision.

GIIS Brickfields, KL is the top private school in Malaysia. It’s an internationally-accredited co-ed school, with 80 percent of its teaching staff being English and Australian. The curriculum follows standards of North American standards, and the school has an outstanding campus. The boarding house on campus is a bonus feature for students from abroad. A good choice for your family is crucial for your child.

Marlborough College, Wiltshire is the school that is a sister to British International School in KL. It’s a small school, which has 650 students. Although the fees for the school are high for Klang Valley it has a excellent boarding house. The school provides a fantastic opportunity for internationalization. Parents with an international outlook can find a variety of schools in KL.